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When you say "pet," you are also saying "best friend."

Taking care of your dog or cat is much more than providing a bowl of food and a cushion for napping. To ensure your pet's well-being, you can provide some care yourself. After all, your best pal brings you joy every day, don't they deserve to be treated with care? To make things easier, we have compiled our most valuable resources for keeping your pet well cared for and healthy. Think about eye and ear cleaning, grooming for your pet's coat and taking care of her teeth, the list goes on!

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    Aloe & Oatmeal Conditioner

    Our no-rinse conditioner for dogs and cats contains a unique blend of natural, soothing agents, moisturizers, and vitamins.
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    Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo

    This soap-free shampoo is specially formulated for dogs and cats with dry, itchy skin.
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    Dentahex™ Oral Care Chews

    Dentahex Oral Care Chews for Dogs contain Chlorhexidine – an effective ingredient that helps control plaque and tartar.
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    Ear Cleansing Solution

    This comprehensive formula for dogs and cats cleans, dries, acidifies and deodorizes ears. Gentle enough for routine use.
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    Enzadent® Dental Chews

    The natural abrasive properties of beef hide in Enzadent Dental Chews for Dogs helps remove food residue before it becomes a dental problem.
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    Enzadent® Oral Care

    Improve your pet's dental hygiene with our great-tasting, no-rinse toothpaste and a variety of toothbrush styles...
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    Groom-Aid® Spray

    Our fragranced grooming spray makes brushing your pet's coat easy. Deodorizes and adds luster, too...
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    Hi-Vite™ Drops

    Hi-Vite is a great-tasting vitamin supplement for dogs and cats, young or old. Administer drops directly or mix it with food, water, or milk.
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    How Do I Brush My Pet's Teeth... and How Often?

    Taking care of your pet’s teeth is important in keeping your pet healthy: this is how to do it.
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    Laxatone's gentle lubricant eliminates hairballs in the litter box, preventing a mess on the floor...
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    Nutri-Cal is a high-calorie supplement for finicky, debilitated, or aging pets that aren't eating enough. Great for working and hunting dogs, too...
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    Pill Wrap

    Turn your dog or cat's pill into a moist treat with our flavorful Pill Wrap paste. Makes medication and supplement administration easy...